There are so many things that go into keeping your home and business running smoothly and looking its best. Some repairs are minor, and don’t take a great deal of time or expertise to resolve. But other issues, often involving systems that are crucial to the daily operations of your residence or company, require an expert hand to install and maintain.

A septic tank, according to This Old House, provides an individualized waste water treatment option for homes and businesses in order to properly dispose of sewage. If you live in a rural area or are planning on building a new home in the countryside, it is very likely that you need a new septic system installed. 

For something as complex and as valuable as a septic tank, nothing can be overlooked; one minor misstep can mean major (and expensive) problems for your home or business down the line. That’s why it is your responsibility to choose a contractor that has vast experience when it comes to septic tanks. But how do you know which company is right for you? What questions should you be asking before you hire someone? 

Here are a few things to know about what happens before a septic tank is installed in your home or business; if a contractor is not offering to do these services for you, you should move on and find a reliable company that will. 

The Soil Will Be Tested

This Old House explains that because septic systems rely on permeable soil to avoid contaminating runoff water, a percolation test, or “perc” test, will be run by your chosen contractor. This test will confirm that the soil meets city and health department requirements. If the land has the appropriate amount of permeable contents, such as sand or gravel, the appropriate permits can then be required. 

Proper Permits will Need to Be Obtained

First comes the soil, then comes the permits! Understanding what permits are needed according to state and local laws can be confusing, even for the most well-versed home and business owners. This is where a reputable contractor comes into play-they will help you navigate the proper laws to guarantee that your septic tank not only functions properly, but that it adheres to all regulations. 

They’ll Properly Plan for Excavation

With any septic tank installation, heavy equipment is vital to excavate a large amount of land necessary. Consider your personal situation and what additional costs it may incur when planning your excavation, says Angie’s List. If you are building a new home or a business from the ground up, for example, you’ll need to include landscaping costs into your budget in order to disguise the excavation that took place during installation. You’ll also need to schedule the excavation at a time when it would have little to no impact on the construction process, such as prior to sidewalks and driveways being paved. 

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