As the temperatures change, your driveway changes too! Don’t let the summer heat go by without fixing any damages from the winter. Potholes, cracked concrete, and crumbling debris are all signs your driveway needs to be examined; otherwise, you could be facing a massive headache! Maintaining your driveway doesn’t have to be frustrating. With the right maintenance, you can keep your driveway looking attractive all year long! Read below to learn the proper driveway maintenance techniques. 

Driveway Maintenance Tips 

Concrete: Concrete driveways are the easiest to maintain, plus it provides a classic, polished look. Overall, concrete driveways must be resealed every 3-5 years to maintain its appearance. Concrete is low maintenance; however, it is very costly, so any damages must be taken care of right away. Look for cracks, potholes, crumbling concrete, cracks in the expansion holes, and any standing water or puddles left after a storm. These are all warning signs that you need to seal any cracks or expansion joints. 
  • Asphalt: Asphalt creates a smooth finish and can be pretty simple to take care of, like concrete. Check for any water damage, weeds, cracks, and crumbling asphalt. Patch and fill any potholes or cracks. Pull weeds by the root to make sure it doesn’t grow back. Asphalt requires a new seal-coat every 1-3 years. 
  • Gravel: Gravel driveways are the least expensive, but they need more upkeep to avoid turning into a pile of mud. Twice a season, look through the gravel for any weeds, potholes, ruts, lost gravel, and double-check that your driveway is draining correctly. 

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